Chromium CQ Status

Source code:
Use "fetch infra" to clone the dev repos.

Site directory listing:

Example: /recent#project=chromium,action=patch_start
Shows a table of recently received records.
Tags to filter by are specified as a comma separated list after the #.

Example: /v2/patch-status/
Shows a log of CQ activity on a given patch.
Only accepts GET requests.

API for posting CQ records.
Requires sign in.
Only accepts POST requests.
Accepts multiple p URL params.
Each p value is a record to add in the following JSON structure:
  "key": str|null,
  "tags": [str],
  "fields": {field: value}
"project" is a required key in "fields".

Query entries from /query: key: begin: end: tags: fields: count: cursor:
Query view:
Post entry to /post: key: tags: fields: Post result: